After World War II, there was a boom in housing requirements. Starting in the 1950’s the brick bungalow started to appear on the streets of the new suburban Guelph. At the time, these were cheap, functional homes. Now, it seems people ask “Do you have any bungalows for sale in Guelph?” on almost a daily basis.

These homes would appear in Guelph mostly between 1952- 1965. Before that, you will find early post war homes (1945-1952) of less expensive materials and wood frames. You can find examples of this style on streets such as Cassino and Memorial. 

After 1965, the detached sidesplit and backsplits became the detached home of choice as they offered more levels. Examples of this era of development would be Marksam and Nicklin. 

Bungalows are still built from the 1970’s to today, but are not nearly as prevelant as other home styles.

Layouts of bungalows

Let’s talk a little bit more about the layouts. This article from HGTV gives key features that you’ll find on most bungalows for sale in Guelph these days

One of many similar-sized houses in the neighborhood 

It may look different – some neighbourhoods have the cookie cutter feeling, and many don’t. But post-war detached bungalows sale in Guelph are probably in a 1km radius of the downtown core. 

Small living space

Of course, there are exceptions, but frequently, these are smaller homes. Bungalows for sale in Guelph are likely three bedrooms, however 2 and 4 bedroom models were build. In most cases, they are between  900- 1100 square feet of living space above grade with an identical unfinished basement footprint.

Picture windows

A picture window at the front of the home provides a view of the front street. This is usually the living room.

Kitchen facing the backyard

The kitchen typically has a window allowing for a view of the backyard. 

Second exterior door

Aside from the front door, larger models have a door to the backyard from the kitchen area. However, in most cases the second exterior door was at the side of the house.


Interestingly, garages were found on earlier post war bungalows, but rarely were attached to the house.

You are most likely to find a completely detached garage, a carport or no garage at all. Later, middle income families were building bungalows with an attached garage

In other cases, open air carports were enclosed to make a fully attached garage.

Versatility in bungalow uses

As early as 2018, Ryan was calling out the undiscovered potential in bungalows for sale in Guelph. And at that time you could easily purchase one for under $500,000. There’s no chance of that now, but we’ll get into pricing later.

Part of the reason for the significant increase in value is the incredible versatility. And when a house appeals to so many people and demand is high, so are the prices. 

Let’s look at a few of the potential uses:

Single family home 

The most common and traditional use. The original intent was for families with a single level. The great part about this is that there is a whole lower level. You could finish this for additional living space, extra bedrooms, a home office, or a hangout spot for teenagers.


We find that many buyers of bungalows for sale in Guelph during the years these bungalows are built! Older generations who raised a family in a two storey, larger home now want to downsize. 

And, there is often nostalgia with this demographic to move into their childhood style home. The one level living mitigates having to climb stairs to access a washroom or kitchen


As housing prices have risen, creating an accessory apartment or duplex has become popular (or necessary).

Due to the common occurance of a side door entrance, investors like this. Many investors have been successful in creating legal two unit homes via this doorway. With Guelph real estate prices rising rapidly, many buyers need the extra income that a secondary legal unit would provide. 

Investors are also renting out both the upstairs and downstairs units. This creates a turnkey two unit investment property by maximing space. And, with rentals in Guelph being extremely expensive, this option is welcome as it increases rental supply in the market.

First time buyers

What options do first time buyers have if they want a buy a house? The most affordable is a bungalow. Many of our first time buyer clients love the idea of a small detached home in a family friendly neighbourhood. In fact, some buyers are getting into the house hacking trend of additional income. 

Although costly to create in some cases, this is a long term strategy. As a result, it provides income for the foreseeable future and increases the property value for resale.

bungalow with detached garage
Exhibition Park bungalow with detached garage

What’s the price of bungalows for sale in Guelph?

There are a variety of factors to take into account when providing prices of bungalows for sale in Guelph. Location, time of year, type of market, Guelph renovations, size and bedrooms and much more play a role.

In the current market, bungalows are selling between $700,000- $875,000. Two bedroom bungalows, which are rare are at the lower end. 4 bedroom and renovated larger bungalows are selling in the $850-$875,000 range.

What should I watch for when buying a bungalow?

These homes are mostly solid brick (in Guelph, it’s mostly red or yellow brick with heather stone accents). You always want to ensure that grading is away from the house to avoid moisture issues. Some of these bungalows have concrete block foundations which offers more opportunity for moisture.

Inside, it’s quite possible you’ll encounter aluminium wiring if you’re considering a 1960’s bungalow.  Aluminum doesn’t mix well with more modern copper. As a result, you’ll likely want to get an electrical inspection (ESA) to ensure the wiring is safe.

According to Wikipedia, “In North American residential construction, aluminum wire was used for wiring entire houses for a short time from the 1960s to the mid-1970s during a period of high copper prices…..Existing homes with this older aluminum wiring used in branch circuits present a potential fire hazard.

You’ll also want to look for asbestos, which was quite common for the era. This can come in the form of pipe wrapping, in vents, in both ceiling (9×9”) and floor tiles (9’x 9’). You may even have exterior asbestos siding. Asbestos on it’s own is a great product, but you can’t disturb it. If you do, the airborne particles are hazardous. 

Lastly, if you have a home inspection, you’ll want to check the attic (both for mould and insulation). It’s quite likely the house has vermiculite insulation containing asbestos. The only way to tell is to have it tested. Although unlikely, it’s better to know and have piece of mind.

Considering buying a bungalow?

They’re our favourite! If you’re looking at bungalows for sale in Guelph and need a helping hand, our team can help. Using a Guelph realtor for this purchase is key! We know the right areas, prices and what to look out for. Get in touch!