Do you only work in Guelph?

We get asked this question a fair bit and the short answer is, mostly! Although we do specialize in Guelph, we can help you in other markets as well. This does depend on seasonality and workload, but where we can help out of town clients we do.

Generally, the areas we service are within a one hour radius of Guelph, which could include Kitchener- Waterloo, Cambridge, Elora, Fergus, Rockwood and Milton and even west Mississauga.

We have a team of individuals that specialize in areas outside of Guelph, so depending on where you are looking, we can recommend one of our teammates to help you. We’re still involved in the process, but you get matched up with a local area expert.

Guelph has close to 600 registered agents and in a job such as sales, it can be very competitive. There are many great agents out there. So why should you choose to work with us?

Did you grow up in Guelph?

Both Beth and Ryan spend their younger years in Guelph and came back as adults. We know the City, the neighbourhoods, the school districts, the amenities, the side streets and market trends. This is a big move for you and the last thing you want is to end up in a less desirable area on a busier street because you used an agent that doesn’t know our City.

What sets you apart?

Both Beth and Ryan worked many years in the corporate world in a series of progressive positions. We’re honest, ethical, hard working and goal oriented to ensure that our clients get the best experience possible. We also have extensive negotiation training that comes in handy to get you the best deal.

Do you believe in marketing?

This is handier if you’re selling with us, but we love marketing and believe we do it best. We don’t just consider your home “another listing”, but we have a tailored marketing plan to ensure that your house stands out- not just on the Guelph MLS, but in ways that no other agent could compete

This is the age old question that is similar to the chicken and the egg. There is no right answer because there are so many variables that play into selling or buying a house . A few things to consider:

Are you buying?

As a homebuyer, Guelph buyers searching MLS certainly feel less stress to find a new home. With that being said, they can be more selective, take their time and wait for the exact right home for them. And most believe this is the “natural way” of transitioning between homes.

However, it can also be tricky if you’re buying in an aggressive sellers market like Guelph. With houses selling in an average of less than 3 weeks, buyers are forced to make quick decisions, compete with other buyers and potentially compromise on some of your ideal features, location, price and closing dates.

Financing, buyers also need to ensure they can potentially hold two mortgages, or bridge finance if the closing date of your new home and your current home don’t line up exactly.

Are you selling?

Selling your home first gives you control in a number of ways including knowing exactly how much money you have to spend on a new house and knowing your ideal closing date before shopping in for a new home.

In a competitive sellers market like Guelph, it will also likely mean that the process will be quick and you will likely get the highest market value. It also means you can make your offer to buy more competitive as discussions with your lender should be easier.

The challenge with selling first is that you’ll need to find a home that lines up to your closing date (or at least close), is in your ideal location and budget. If you cannot find something in time, you may be forced to settle on a home.

With all of these do it yourself services, you may believe you are saving yourself a ton of money by not working with a Realtor. But what these services don’t tell you is that you’re often leaving more money on the table in a sale price than you are saving it in commission- especially in a sellers market.

Working with a Realtor to buy a home doesn’t cost you anything. The seller pays the commission to both the buyer and sellers agent, typically 5% of the sale price.

Real estate agents are professionals who work on your behalf and advocate for your interests. In most cases, sellers have a real estate agent working for them so you want someone on your side who has your back in negotiations and can help you understand the complex lingo in contracts, for example.

Here are some of the services a Realtor offers, that you’d need to figure out on your own if you chose not to work with a licensed real estate agent:

  • Find homes that match your budget and needs. Property search sites give you a sampling of what’s available, but you’ll have to research whether asking prices are justified based on comparable home sales in the area.
  • Dig up facts on a neighborhood, including ones that a seller might not disclose that could be important to you.
  • Negotiate an offer, including the price and other clauses and contingencies in the purchase agreement.
  • Navigate the home inspection, and negotiate repairs or credits with the seller.
  • Decipher paperwork that could be filled with complex jargon and terms you don’t understand.
  • Request and review seller disclosures. You might not know what to ask for or what sellers in Ontario are required to disclose.

Want to work with us?

If you’re interested in working with us, we recommend calling us for an person meeting that we could hold at our office, your home or a mutually agreed upon location.

This meeting will help us get a better understanding of your goals and objectives, timelines, budgets, wants and needs and to see if we’re a good fit for each other. After all, this is a partnership where we’d be an extension of you to help you find a home, or sell a home (or both).

We want clients who want to work with us, as much as we’d like to work with them! You can reach us here!