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call Victoria North home

Tucked in the top right corner of Guelph is Victoria North. This area continues to grow north and east as our city expands. Sales in this area are relatively stable over the past few years, ensuring that there is a good mix of buyers and sellers and keeping prices modest. In the original portion of Victoria North you will find homes built in the mid 1960’s to late 1980’s, but as development continues there are now newer options available further east along Woodlawn Rd and north on Victoria Rd.

This area also provides easy access to Guelph Lake Conservation area just northeast of Guelph, as well as the Guelph Lake Sports Fields at the far east end of Woodlawn Rd. Those who commute into the GTA have a head-start living in this area, as do those who travel north frequently.

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What's Here:

Elementary Schools:
Brant Avenue PS – JK-6
Waverly Drive PS – 7-8
Waverly Drive PS – JK-8
Edward Johnson PS – French Immersion – JK-6
Ecole King George PS – French Immersion PS – 7-8

High Schools:
John F Ross CVI – 9-12
College Heights SS – 9-12
John F Ross CVI – French Immersion – 9-12

Catholic Schools:
St Patrick Catholic School – JK-8
St James Catholic High School – 9-12

Walk in Clinics:
Speedvale Medical Clinic
Dawson Road Family Medical Clinic

Neighbourhood groups:
North Riverside Neighbourhood Group
Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group