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Village by the Arboretum

The Village by the Arboretum (VBA) is a 55+ active adult community just south of the University of Guelph occupying 112 acres. It’s a unique concept: buyers of homes in this area do not own the land it sits on- this is land leased to Reid’s Heritage Homes from the University of GuelphPresently there are about 1250 Residents who call the VBA home.

Located adjacent to the University’s 500-acre Arboretum, the VBA offers an active adult lifestyle within the Guelph city limits and near the cultural offerings of a large university and a vibrant urban community. There is a large Recreation Centre with an indoor pool, auditorium and many activity rooms. Outdoors and within the VBA grounds are tennis courts, shuffleboard, bocce and horseshoe tossing facilities.

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University of Guelph
Ecole Arbour Vista Public School

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