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Westminster Woods / Pineridge

If you had to pick the ideal family neighbourhood in Guelph, you may choose Pine Ridge/ Westminster. Developed mainly by two developers through the 90’s, these were two developments originally. It’s almost a self contained area in the middle of Guelph.

The north portion of PineRidge is made up of modest, yet picturesque homes and yards on suburban streets. There are many amenities nearby, although you may need to get into your car to access most. The area boasts a mix of single family homes, townhomes and some larger, executive homes as you move further east.

You may notice the wall that claims “Westminster Woods” in gold letters on the side of the road, followed by a clock tower with a roundabout. This is the community of Westminster Woods, an almost self contained area in the middle of Guelph. Pride of ownership is evident here and much like PineRidge, you’re near almost everything.

This area is a favourite for families for many reasons: many other children in the area, good schools and proximity to the places that young families go including recreation centres, lessons and the University of Guelph.

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What's Here:

Elementary Schools:
Westminster Woods PS – JK-8
Sir Isaac Brock PS – JK-8
Ecole Arbour Vista PS- French Immersion – JK-8

High Schools:
Centennial CVI – 9-12
College Heights SS – 9-12
John F Ross CVI – French Immersion – 9-12

Catholic Schools
St Paul Catholic School – JK-8
St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School – JK-8
Bishop Macdonell Catholic High School – 9-12


Walk in Clinics:
Westminster Woods Medical Centre
Gordon Walk-in Clinic
Arkell Walk-In Clinic


Neighbourhood groups: