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Willow West/Sugarbush/West Acres

If you like the style of 1980’s homes, you may want to consider this part of town in northwest Guelph. Willow West was mainly developed between the mid 1970’s early 1990’s.

This area continues to expand outwards and as it does, many new amenities keep popping up. This area is home to Guelph’s only Costco, as well as the West End Community Centre (City managed ice rinks, pools and more).

Demand for this area is increasing as young families move out of their first time home and into a larger home- Willow West features a wide variety of home styles and sizes- from bungalows to two storeys.

Good examples of this area can be found on Suzanna Dr, Sugarbush Pl and Meadow Cres.

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What's Here:

Elementary Schools:
June Avenue PS – JK-6
Willow Road PS – 7-8
Westwood PS – JK-8
Mitchell Woods PS – JK-8
Taylor Evans PS – JK-8
Gateway Drive PS – French Immersion – JK-SK
Paisley Road PS – French Immersion – JK-4
John McCrae PS – French Immersion – 5-8
Edward Johnson PS – French Immersion – JK-6
Ecole King George PS – French Immersion – 7-8

High Schools
Guelph CVI – 9-12
College Heights SS – 9-12
John F Ross CVI – French Immersion – 9-12

Catholic Schools:
St Peter Catholic School – JK-8
St Joseph Catholic School – JK-8
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School – 9-12

Walk in Clinics:
Westwood Medical Walk-In Clinic
Silvercreek Walk-In Clinic
Greengate Medical Center


Neighbourhood groups:
Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group