Ready to find a new home in the Royal City?

In Guelph and the surrounding area, there’s plenty of unique neighbourhoods to choose from. Let us help you narrow down the choices.

Welcome to the neighbourhoods of Guelph! 

Whether you’re looking for Guelph’s neighbourhoods, communities, local hangouts, amenities or services, we’ve explored all the hidden gems to build this trusty guide so you can get a feel for the area before you even move here.

What are you looking for in a neighbourhood?


From a hip downtown condo to quite rural countryside, Guelph has something for everyone.  We sell Guelph because we love Guelph; we live here, we work here, our kids play here.  The only thing we love more, is helping others fall in love with it too.  We’ve put everything we love in this guide: from our favorite bistros and coffee spots, to shopping for anything local, it’s here.


From Student life to commuter life; lover of local to income property, we’ve made it super easy to navigate the Royal City.  Do you want a home where you can walk everywhere? Maybe Exhibition Park. Want to be near the highway to commute? Maybe Clairfields. Need to get to Kitchener on the daily? Maybe Willow West. If you need something specific, contact us and we’ll help!


New to Guelph neighbourhoods? Want to do a bit of reading first? Check out our blog or weekly videos, which contains articles we’ve written or been quoted in! We write and record regularly on a variety of topics with in-depth data and statistics we’ve collected, to give you a better idea of the Guelph neighbourhood before you move there: everything from pricing to trends!