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Power of Sale vs Foreclosure: what’s the difference?

Today we look at Power of Sale and Foreclosure. They’ll both commonly referred to but are very different. What’s the difference between the two? With COVID 19 wreaking havoc on a number of industries since March 2020, it’s possible that you’ve heard the terms “Power of Sale” or “Foreclosure” come up in the news. Typically […]

Country property: What is a septic tank?

With COVID, many city dwellers have become more open to considering a rural property. More space, more freedom. And… a septic tank? This unfamiliar set up that likely also contains a well for water can throw people for a loop. But, it shouldn’t. With a few extra steps involved, a septic system is a great […]

3 Guelph Real Estate Predictions for 2022

Beth and Ryan Waller manage an extensive database of information that allow them to make informed, educated decisions on the local market for their clients. It also helps predict trends and provide insights as they happen. The pandemic has changed the local real estate market in many ways. These trends include out of town buyers […]

What is a duplex?

One question clients ask a lot is “what is a duplex?”. The term duplex can be confusing because it’s also synonymous with rental apartment, legal apartment and accessory apartment. However, it’s not the same as a semi-detached home. Let’s look into it a bit further. What is a duplex? In the simplest terms, a duplex […]

Deposit vs downpayment: what’s the difference?

Difference between deposit vs downpayment The difference between a deposit vs downpayment is a question we get a lot, so we thought it was worth a blog post! If you’re buying a house, you’ve likely had to pay both a deposit and a downpayment. But, they are very different payments for very different reasons. What […]

Easement vs right of way

Easement vs right of way: what’s the difference? How do I know about an easement vs right of way? On a day to day basis, the average person would have no reason to know the difference between an easement vs right of way. But when you’re buying or selling a home, it’s worth knowing the […]

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