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Is Knob and Tube Wiring Dangerous?

Picking the right house to purchase is always a stressful situation. Top that off with finding out the house has knob and tube (k&t) wiring, now that stress has been amplified. If the house you are looking at is an older house, it could have knob and tube wiring. Just because the home has k&t […]

Home Insurance Red Flag Checklist

Home Insurance is sometimes the last thing that homebuyers think about when purchasing a home when  it should be one of the first things. Especially in today’s market when many homes are being purchased  without conditions like a home inspection.   Below is a quick home insurance checklist of potential insurance red flags that you should […]

Buying a House with Pool? – What to consider

With the onset of covid-19 last year, many people are looking to spend the money they would have on a family vacation on home improvements. One of the most popular additions to a house is a swimming pool. People are looking to recreate the vacation or resort feeling in their own backyards. Because of this, […]

Guelph Housing Market Analyzed

With the first quarter of sales now behind us, it’s now becoming overwhelmingly evident that 2021 has started as a unique year in the Guelph housing market. More houses have sold in Guelph in the first three months than the past five years. This has resulted in the average price to almost double what it […]

Things to do in Guelph

Whether your have recently moved to Guelph, looking to move, or have lived here your entire life, Guelph offers a wide variety of things to do. Also known as “The Royal City”, Guelph is a charming and quaint rural city in Southwestern Ontario. With it being just an hour’s drive away from Toronto, Guelph is […]

House Hacking – Pros & Cons

There’s no way around it: Buying a house is expensive. In fact, the average cost for a home in Guelph is now over $700,000. As housing becomes increasingly less affordable, creative home buyers – first time buyer, especially – have adapted and are finding new ways to own a home without breaking the bank. This […]

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