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If you’re buying a home in Guelph, you’ll want to work with an agent who knows the City.

Beth and Ryan know our city well, from neighbourhood insights to school districts to tiny tucked away streets.



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First time buyers in Guelph real estate- take closing costs into consideration

Preparation is key to being competitive in a sellers market If you’re considering buying a house in Guelph, you’re going to find that the journey is an exciting one! But being prepared for the costs that can arise, beyond just the down payment will help make it an easier, less stressful journey. 

Is now the time we should be putting our Guelph houses for sale?

There’s never been a more competitive market in Guelph. Ever. If you’ve been watching any of our weekly videos or reading our blog, you’d likely notice a common theme- housing prices in Guelph are rising. This doesn’t happen by accident; it’s a function of an imbalance in supply and demand which causes prices to rise. […]

Is Guelph the Hottest Real Estate Market in Ontario Right Now?

Ryan Waller was interviewed in the following article regarding the Guelph market.  The following is reposted with permission from Toronto Storeys and the original can be found here. Back in early July, when the Ontario real estate market was already months into a pandemic recovery that saw pent-up demand push sales and prices to record […]

Where will Guelph’s housing market go after this record-breaking year?

An article published by Toronto Storeys a few weeks ago outlined the dangerously low housing inventory levels in Guelph – 60 homes available as of December 11 compared to 148 last December.   And it’s become worse. As of December 21st, that number has fallen to 43, of which over half are condos. Think about […]

Top 3 things learned in Guelph real estate in 2020

Yet again, the Guelph Real Estate market set new highs in October with an average price of over $650,000. Over 55% of sales were sold higher than the original asking price compared that to the summer months where that number was less than 50%

South Guelph real estate leads city growth

It’s no secret that the most Ontario real estate markets have hit new highs this year, including Guelph despite a global pandemic. In late September, the Financial Post published an article identifying Guelph as one of the 5 fastest-growing markets in Canada. If you add in the full September sales, the average price of a home in Guelph is +14% this year.

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