Part of being responsible real estate agents is not only helping our clients buy and sell Guelph real estate, it also involves ensuring the ENTIRE process is followed- this includes starting and stopping Guelph utilities services.

This blog is designed to help those moving to and from Guelph with the proper information they need to ensure minimal disruption upon closing.

Below, you’ll find the contact information for the major services and Guelph utilities you’ll need to look after. If you complete this list, your closing date should be very smooth!

1. Guelph Hydro (now Alectra)

Formerly Guelph Hydro, the new Alectra is your Guelph utility for hydro AND water. They have a handy online form to fill out that outlines your start or stop date. Once completed, this is all you need to do. The link to the form is here:

Opening a new account (if you are new to Guelph):

Closing an existing account (and leaving Guelph):

Relocating within Guelph:

Note that you will likely need your account number to complete these forms. You can find that on your bill.

If you have are having issues with the online forms, you can always call Guelph Hydro at 519 822 3010. They are open M-F 8:30-4:30pm EST

2. Enbridge Gas

If your home has any sort of gas element (furnace, water tank, BBQ, stove etc) it is through Enbridge Gas.

To inform Enbridge gas of your move (move in and move out are the same link), you will need your account number. This could be found on a recent bill. Once you have it, go here:

If you are having trouble with the online portal, you can call them at: 1-877-362-7434
They are open M-F 8-6p.m. EST

3. Reliance Home Comfort

If you have a rental water heater, you likely deal with Reliance as they have the majority share of water heater rentals. Additionally, other common Reliance rental items are water softeners and most recently furnaces and air conditioning units.

Client feedback is that of all Guelph utilities, Reliance can be the most difficult to deal with and often request to have the new owners/ former owners name available. However, you should be able to open/ close an account without this.

The webpage to fill out a move request is:

If you don’t have luck with that form, you can call Reliance at 1-888-837-1451. They are open M-F 8am-8pm EST

How do I know if I have a rental water heater?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, or even impossible to know. The seller should (obviously) know as will be paying a monthly fee for it. However, if they still aren’t sure there is usually markings on the water heater such as this that provide a clue (this is Reliance model):

reliance water heater
reliance water heater

What if the heater is a rental but not with Reliance?

In Guelph, 9 out of 10 units are rented with Reliance. There are a few other small players out there, but like Reliance there should be some identifying markings on the tank itself to indicate who the owner is.

If you are not sure who owns the tank, start with a call to Reliance. They’ll look you up in their database and let know if an account exists at your address.

4. Specific to condo buyers/ sellers

If you are buying or selling a condo, you typically have to inform the condo corporation of the move to ensure that the monthly condo fees will go to the right person.

This is typically done by your lawyers upon closing. Therefore, most condo corporations require the official Transfer of Ownership document in order to transfer the monthly fees. It’s worth mentioning this to your lawyer upon closing to avoid any future issues.

Alternatively, if the condo has a Status Certificate, it often contains forms required for buyers/ sellers to complete to ensure the handoff between former/ new owners is complete.

As well, if you’re buying or selling a condo, some of your utilities such as water are included in your condo fees. As a result, you don’t need to contact all the Guelph utilities listed above.

5. Municipal property taxes

You don’t need to notify the City of Guelph regarding change of ownership for your municipal taxes. Unlike Guelph utilities, your Guelph lawyer will notify the City of new ownership the same way as condo ownership- via a transfer of ownership.

In almost all cases, the sellers of the property have to provide their current year Guelph property tax bill, along with how much of that they have paid. If the seller pays less than they owe, or more, the lawyer will reflect this in a debit/ credit by the lawyers on closing.

This ensures that the seller receives credit for everything they’ve paid and the new owner only starts paying their portion as of the closing date.

If you have questions about your taxes, the City of Guelph tax department is at 519-822-1260 extension 5605 or at

6. Cable/ internet

Remember to end your cable and internet services (and home phone if you still have one)!. There are too many providers to name here, but just be sure to let them know when you are moving.

For Bell, they require to call them or visit a Bell store for moving:

For Rogers, they have a similar set up:

7. Home insurance

Lastly, don’t forget your home insurance! Remember to start or stop it the day you are moving in or out.

8. Junk removal

Need to get rid of stuff before you move? We’ve provided a blog on the best Guelph junk removal companies, both getting a dumpster to do it yourself or having a full service come in and take it away!

9. Guelph movers

Need a mover? We get asked this all the time and here are our clients top 5 recommendations for Guelph movers.

Need more info?

Still have questions? No problem! Get in touch with Beth and Ryan Waller, Guelph realtors for any questions you may have.

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