As part of our commitment to being the best Guelph Realtors out there, it involves so much more than just helping people buy and sell homes. In fact, a good portion of our jobs is helping people with all the other things related to the buy and sell process. In this case, purging! Here are a few of the junk removal companies that we recommend in Guelph.

Let’s say you’re getting ready to sell your house in Guelph. One of the items involved in staging a home for sale is purging or decluttering. In many cases, you have no where to put things outside of the garage or the basement. And in many cases, you don’t even need these things, so it makes sense to get in touch with a junk removal company.

Based on our clients feedback, here are the best companies you can call to either have for junk removal where they do the work, or junk removal where you can order a bin to be dropped off at your house.

If you need additional resources before you plan to move, visit our Guelph utilities page. It gives additional resources that you may find helpful.

Guelph dumpster bin companies

For those of you who just want a dumpster bin dropped off in your driveway so you can do the dumping yourself, here are three great options for you. These bins are typically charged by the volume of trash that is being picked up, not the length of time you have the bin. Therefore, if you need a week to get the job done, you have that flexibility.

Generally with these bins, you can toss almost anything including:

Household waste (garbage, furniture, etc)

Yard Waste (trees, plants, lawn clippings, clean fill, soil, sod)

Roofing materials

Appliances (no freon)

Concrete, cement and other outdoor materials

Renovation materials (drywall, plaster, insulation, flooring, glass, metal, wood, brick and clay)

Things that are not generally accepted

Propane Tanks, Batteries, Paint Cans and Pesticides, Tires, Asbestos materials (either interior or exterior)

1. Bin There, Done That

You may recognize these dumpster bins around Guelph by their lime green colour. Bin There, Dump That has been around for some time now as a franchise model. We’ve used them personally on a number of occasions and they great.

Bin sizes come anywhere between 4 yards to 20 yards (see comparison pics here). If you have a small job that requires a 4 yard bin, consider this company. Most dumpster rental companies don’t have the small. They will drop the bin off right in your driveway. Additionally, they’ll also pick it up when you’re done with minimal notice.

The only downside is that Bin There, Dump That doesn’t have an online ordering option, you have to submit details to them in order to get a quote.

Their website is

2. Hersey Bins

Hersey Bins doesn’t have a Guelph location, but they service Guelph. In fact, of the 3 bin companies we recommend, they’re the only one with a slick online ordering system. You simply pick the bin size, location for drop off/ pick up and enter your address and they’ll give you a quote. We’ve used Hersey personally on a few occasions and have never had a complaint!

Hersey offers bin sizes between 7 yards to 40 yards for a wide range or residential and commercials projects. Same day delivery is an option! You can find them here:

3. Rent-a-bin

Of our 3 recommended dumpster bin companies, Rent-a-bin is the one we’ve used the most.

They operate in the Guelph area and we find they are easy to deal with and can turn around work quickly. Unfortunately they don’t have an online ordering system, but they offer bins between 10 yard- 40 yard.

More info here:


Junk Removal services

In cases where you’re emptying an estate or just have a lot of things you don’t plan to move with you, you may want to consider a Guelph junk removal company.

These companies do all the hard lifting (pun fully intended) and can generally get it done in one visit for you. Now, this does come at a cost but depending on your situation it may be well worth it!

Like the dumpster bins, they take most items. However, they will not remove hazardous materials.

1. Just Junk

We’ve used them personally for an estate that we were working with a Guelph lawyer on. These companies come to the house, discuss what items you want removed and can remove them right there on the spot (if their truck is big enough). They usually have 2-3 staff and make it easy.

You can book them directly online based on your address with their slick online system. They don’t require a credit card until you’ve approved their estimate.

They’ll even offer a 10% discount if you put all the garbage in the driveway/ out front for them. If not, no problem! They can gather trash from the driveway, inside the house or in the backyard.

You can find out more here:

2. 1-800-Got-Junk

The most popular brand out there, 1-800-Got-Junk brings a whole crew in to get rid of anything you needs. They offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • same day junk removal service
  • free, onsite estimates
  • help with residential, commercial or storage unit clearouts

You can book 1-800-got-junk online for an estimate, but in reality the cost will be determined once they get to your home and can assess the cost properly.

Visit them here:

Note the below map is their closest Kitchener location, but there should be no reason you’d need to physically go to a location anyways:

3. Junk Professionals

To be honest, we had never heard of Junk Professionals until a client used them and was raving about them. We checked them out and they seem like a great business model.

Junk Professionals make some bold online claims which seem impressive: perfect Google ratings, the fact that they are never late (!) and you can text them pictures of your junk to get a quote.

They do all the things that the other two companies above do, including online bookings which you can make here: A side note that Junk Professionals don’t have a Guelph specific location, but that shouldn’t matter because they’re coming to you.

Other junk removal questions

Do I tip junk removal companies?

There is no expectation to tip a junk removal company. However if you feel they went above and beyond, you can always offer the companies a tip!

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