“My house is infested with termites” is something you never want to have to say if you own a home in Guelph. Thankfully, termites in Guelph are well monitored.

Termites are wood destroying insects, living in large colonies that can cause serious structural damage to homes if they are not contained and controlled.

Introduced in 2007, Guelph’s termite management program helps to control the local termite population and prevent damage to wood structures. And, reduce the area that termites are actually active in.

Guelph’s termite control strategy involves inspections, monitoring properties with traps, reduction of termite habitat through yard wood management, area-wide colony level suppressive treatments, and limited use of conventional chemical treatments where necessary.

The City’s Termite Control Officer has the authority to enter properties to investigate for termites and prescribe measures to control and limit the spread of termites.

For many years, the area of Exhibition Park on the east side of Woolwich St was the main area. First discovered in the early 70’s in Goldie Mill Park, termites move slowly and eventually ended up on the west side of Woolwich. As a result, they spread to other pockets of Guelph.

Where are termites in Guelph?

There are 4 main termite zones within Guelph:

John Galt Park Termite Area

-King Street Termite Area

Windermere Termite Area

Woolwich Termite Area

Visit this link to view an overall Termite Zone map in Guelph :https://guelph.ca/living/house-and-home/termites/

Should I worry if I’m buying or selling a Guelph home near termite zones?

After reviewing the maps above, if your home is in a white area, you are not in a termite zone.

Live in, or considering buying a home in a blue area? As a result, this adjacent zone means that termites are not active in your area, but you are next to an active red zone.

Your Guelph real estate agent needs a plan to have a termite inspection performed on the home.

Do you live in, or are considering buying or selling a home in the red area? As a result, you should disclose that the property is within a termite management area and obtain a termite inspection.

Make this appointment through the City’s termite control officer and needs to be provided upon the sale.

How can you prevent the spread of termites in Guelph?

It’s never a good idea to move wood from one area to another, especially if you are moving wood or soil from a termite zone.

If you are buying firewood or picking up firewood, be aware of where you’re buying it from. Do not place wood directly on soil wherever possible.

New termites found: October 2019

In the east end of Guelph a new discovery of two properties infested with termites in 2019. As a result, the Termite Management inspector will be reviewing the extent of damage.

Your Guelph Realtor should be able to identify these areas and properly document termite related issues in your Purchase and Sale documentation when buying or selling a home.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth and Ryan Waller at 519 546 3390 or info@bethandryan.ca