waller Report

Each week, Ryan creates a short video to give an update on the local Guelph real estate market. Check it out (and remember to subscribe!)

Are Guelphites getting priced out of Guelph real estate?

This month for GuelphToday, we look at the changes in price of Guelph real estate over a one year period. Then, we look at the price bracket trends. Whoa!

Guelph real estate buyers: your patience may pay off!

This week we discuss three factors that could result in higher inventory and some relief for buyers.

#Guelph real estate- the frenzy continues

This month for GuelphToday, we write about an abundance of buyers, lack of sellers, a Stay at Home order, low mortgage rates, higher unemployment and more!

New year: and it's crazy in Guelph real estate!

🏠 Real estate market update for January 7, 2021. In summary, it’s a strong strong sellers market with record low number of available homes in Guelph.

Guelph market update: Dec 29,2020

This week in the Guelph real estate market, we talk about our 2021 real estate predictions for Guelph as we wrote about in our article last week for GuelphToday.

Dec 17: Low inventory challenges

First video in the series. Overall update on the market!