As REALTORS® in Guelph, we love to provide our clients with a list of top resources in the city. From restaurants, to salons and mechanics, we strive to be your trusted resource for a variety of local goods and services, including window cleaning in Guelph.

This list is based on our own personal usage and recommendations for the top 5 window cleaners in Guelph. Note that we are NOT compensated in any way for inclusion on this list and these services are in no particular order.

How often should windows be cleaned?

This is a common question and there isn’t a definitive right or wrong answer. In an ideal world, you’d time it to be done twice per year, perhaps spring and fall. However, some factors could increase or decrease this frequency. This includes living near dirt roads or construction areas would create greater dust than urban living. Commercial buildings tend to have more traffic than a home, which causes the windows to become dirtier quicker.

Men in Kilts, various locations 519 900 7020

Men in Kilts provide a variety of residential and commercials services – with men in kilts doing the work. This unique marketing element makes them stand out from the rest. It adds a touch of fun to an otherwise mundane industry of window cleaning in Guelph.

Not only do they provide window cleaning, but gutter cleaning, house washing and pressure washing services. Their website allows you to request a quote on the phone or by email simply by putting in your details. The local franchise services Guelph and Cambridge.

Huber Window Cleaning, 50 Crimea St Guelph 519 836 2000

Although Huber has various service locations, their main office is right here in Guelph in the Junction. Like us, they’re also members of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. Like many of the larger organizations, they allow for online submissions for quotes and they will reply via email or phone.

Huber offers a wide variety of residential and commercial window cleaning. Additionally, they offer residential and commercial window cleaning, eavestrough cleaning, power washing for homes, high-rise buildings, and new construction.

College Pro, various locations 1-800-268-4248

Most people know College Pro as painters, but they have a whole other division focused on water related services. This includes window cleaning, powerwashing, deck sealing, gutter and siding cleaning and more. If you’re into helping out your local students and young people, College Pro is at a more affordable price.

They have the most sophisticated website estimator of all the ones on our list. Plugging in your address, you can get an estimate of cost based on the number of windows, style of house and what services you require before you even need to provide personal information.

Gladiator Pro Wash, 53 Victoria St. Elora, 226 821 0404

Gladiator is one of the few genuinely local companies on the list. They’re located just outside of Guelph, but service the Royal City and surrounding areas.

Services not only include window cleaning in Guelph, but many other residential and commercial services. These include the standard window washing and pressure washing. Additionally, they also holiday light installation and removal as well as snow removal.

Gladiator also offers the Gladiator Club, a subscription service that ensures you won’t forget to schedule cleaning. The company does have an online quote function but it doesn’t appear to work. The best way to reach Gladiator is by phone, but their website is here

Smart Window Cleaning, Guelph ON 226 212 2855

Being spouses, we appreciate those who also have this dynamic in business! This couple has their own window cleaning business in Guelph. By being a true small business, Tanzi and Chris offer some unique service features. This includes arriving on time, attention to detail and making you happy.

The other unique feature is that window cleaning in Guelph is all they do. Unlike the others, they have found their niche and this is what they do. They service Guelph along with surrounding areas.

Smart Window Cleaning does have an online quote feature. However, it’s more of a form submission for them to call you back and get details. Visit their website here

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