As part of our commitment to our community as Guelph Realtors, we’ve compiled a series of directories as guides to people looking for local products and services, including Guelph coffee shops! This list is a part of our larger, support local initiative in a wide variety of categories.

Guelph has it’s fair share of coffee shops and the reason they all seem to thrive is because, well, Guelphites like coffee. Many of them offer a different atmosphere from each other.

We do not receive compensation in any way for this list. If you believe there are other options that we should feature in the top 9, please contact us!

1. Planet Bean, two Guelph locations: 259 Grange Road East and 2 Wyndham St, Guelph

From their website: Planet Bean began roasting coffee in downtown Guelph in 1997.

Ours was the first roastery in the City for at least half a century. From the beginning our focus was on certified Fairtrade and organic gourmet arabica coffee. The scent of our coffee roastery became a part of the downtown experience and was an aromatic beacon for anyone with a fine sense of flavour.

Although Planet Bean has moved shop a few times and changed its structure and expanded, it is still Guelph’s premier and primo coffee company.

Planet Bean has two coffees bar in Guelph serving all kinds of excellent coffee beverages created by our highly skilled team of baristas. Fresh roasted coffee beans are also available.

Planet bean also wholesales beans and services cafes, restaurants, gourmet and specialty grocers, businesses, churches, universities and schools.

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual. Some would say the downtown location could be intimidating at times. You can also get desserts and other options at these locations.

Like many downtown coffee shops in Guelph, there is no designated parking spaces. You’ll need to find street parking, our suggestion is the parking garage beside City Hall.

Map for Grange Rd (original) location and roastery here:

2. The Common, 28 Wilson St Guelph

Many years ago when Beth and I lived in Toronto, The Common opened up on College St and it became our go to on Saturday mornings. Ironically, the best part about it was that you almost didn’t even know what it was. Perhaps a small window sign with a store name but that’s it.

Much to our delight, one opened in downtown Guelph and had the same vibe. In fact, they don’t even have a website and their Google Business Profile “website” links to some pixeled photo of a cowboy figurine.

The Common has an old school vibe to it. Not fancy or pretentious, all coffees are made to order (so if it’s busy, you may be waiting for a while..). Some swear it’s the best coffee in town. There is no menu either but a few baked goods that come from Eric the Baker down the street.

3. Balzacs, 5 Gordon St S, Guelph

Although a smaller chain, we’d be amiss to not mention Balzacs. Originally started in Stratford, they moved into the Toronto Distillery District and now Guelph. Beth and Ryan were semi-regulars at that Distillery location before moving back to Guelph!

Balzacs is located in the corner unit of a condo building across from the Guelph Farmers Market.

Lot of seating here, with ample windows for people watching. There is also an outdoor patio space in warmer weather. This location gets very busy on weekends and on Saturdays (Guelph Farmers market mornings)

Visit them online here

4. With the Grain, 295 Woolwich St Guelph

This is a coffee shop location that we’ve been to many, many times. Technically it’s a bakery but we feel it’s pretty close to a cafe in Guelph.

Originally, With the Grain was on both sides of Woolwich at London Rd as a restaurant and bakery. Then, they closed the restaurant side (now Park Eatery) and focused (and sold) the bakery portion.

Although not really a coffee shop, they do sell coffee from Lost Aviator (see below). Over the last few years, their baked goods have really ramped up in offering and tastiness! So, if you haven’t been there for a while, you should go back!

There is no seating at this location, it’s take out only.

Visit them online here

5. Lost Aviator, 404 York Rd Guelph

New to the scene, Lost Aviator was founded in 2020 by, you guessed it, pilots. These two friends were likely limited in flying time during covid and started a coffee business.

In 2022, they opened their first location at 404 York Rd, in an area that could certainly use a bit of a destination store. This part of the Ward is starting to see some gentrification.

It’s a take out centred café, although they do have a small seating area and some baked goods. Lots of parking in the area.

Visit them online here

6. Red Brick Café, 8 Douglas St

This coffee shop would likely win “the most café like” atmosphere in Guelph. Located on Douglas St, its been around for a while. At one point, they also had a second location on Westmount Rd.

They serve all kinds of drinks- coffee, wine, beer and some hot food offerings. They also have other events like live music. It’s pretty large with both a front and back room- and a great back patio! They’ll often feature local art here.

Pro tip: if you are looking to plug in your devices, you’ll only find outlets at a few perimeter seats. No actual parking here, so you’re limited to street parking (which is also quite limited). You’ll likely have to park on surrounding streets.

Visit them online here

7. Cavan Coffee, 1467 Gordon St S Guelph

This was formerly a Planet Bean location, now Cavan Coffee. They have one main brick and mortar location in South Guelph, but most of their business is in products. Their website outlines all of this.

The brick and mortar location on Gordon is busy, it has a homey feel to it with lots of seating. There is also ample parking at the back. Coffee and baked goods available.

8. Found Coffee, 17 Gordon St S

New on the scene in Summer 2022, this coffee shop expanded from downtown Toronto locations to downtown Guelph.. From their website,, they say:

Found Coffee’s dream is to be more than a coffee shops – to be a community serving the community. To connect and reconnect people who were seemingly disconnected, disregarded or disenfranchised and where possible our proceeds and profit to be planted and reinvested into social justice initiatives focused on helping fight mental illness, poverty and rebuild communities

The is one of the only small cafés in Guelph that we’ve seen that has an online ordering system for both food and drink. Their menu is also more than baked goods- steel cut oats, avocado toast and much more. Welcome to Guelph!

9. Capistrano Bistro, 42 Wyndham St N

Known simply as Capistranos, this location is likely Guelph’s original coffee bar. Opening in 1994, it’s evolved its offering and menu to adjust to trending tastes over time. The coffee here is amazing, and so is the food.

This cafe in Guelph baked goods, but they also have a full on lunch menu of salads, paninis, flatbreads and more.

There is no designated parking here as it’s in a downtown area, so like the Red Brick Café you’ll need to built in an extra few minutes to get a spot and then walk. Visit their website at

Beth and Ryan’s support local initiative

As part of our commitment to our community as Guelph Realtors, we’ve compiled a series of directories as guides to people looking for local products and services, including Guelph coffee shops!

This list is a part of our larger, support local initiative in a wide variety of categories.

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